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About us



PAN-TEX was founded in 1999 as a building and apartment renovation company.

Today, the company, in its third decade of life, offers Project Management (Supervision), Project Consulting and Turnkey Solutions, that include construction, in the field of medium and large scale tourism infrastructure.

The company has left an indelible mark on the completion of large Cycladic projects that respect local architecture and the uniqueness of the landscape. While now, PAN-TEX has spread its wings beyond Greece with its new office in London.


Our insistence on quality is continuous, starting from the first day of a project. By controlling and supervising every stage of construction and every material used, we ensure the exceptional quality that will characterize the project for many decades.


We are committed to each one of our clients, with private agreements, that the project we have undertaken will be completed within the stipulated schedules. For us at PAN-TEX there are never “unforeseen conditions”. Everything will be done on time.


No one knows construction and project management in the Cyclades better than PAN-TEX. We are proud because we have a strong team of experts who have the answers to every possible problem. And as a matter of principal, we invest in the continuous training of our executives, with the aim of our individual and team improvement.


We not only build projects. We also build a climate of trust with our customers from the very first moment. Thanks to this, we maintain partnerships that are now over 20 years old.


We act with honesty and absolutely adhere to the legislation and the housing restrictions that protect the environment and the aesthetics of the landscape.


At PAN-TEX, we operate with absolute honesty and complete transparency in our relationships with our partners, suppliers and clients. Only through this, do we succeed and build long-term relationships of trust with each of our clients.


We are 100% responsible for each of our projects and for all our actions towards society and our clients. We never operate anonymously and fully abide by the ethical rules that govern our market.


We are the PAN-TEX team. We always work with a high sense of team spirit and we strive every day for the highest degree of cooperation. Thus, we are able to maximize overall results through the individual abilities of each one of us.


We are extraverts. always looking out for business opportunities inside and outside our borders. Starting in Santorini, and based on the quality and unique identity of our services, we have been multiplying our prospects internationally.


We are a Greek company. We support our society and our homeland, and we do our little part in helping the economic development of our country.

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